Postcard Poetry Round 1 is Currently Closed!


Thanks to all the wonderful folks who signed up for the first round of my postcard poetry project, the snail mail list is currently closed! You can still sign up to be on the email list, where I will send out updates from time to time about opportunities to receive tributes to Lake Michigan in the mail. 

If you did sign up for the project and haven't received your second postcard, you can expect to do so by the first week of July. Every person who is receiving a postcard in the mail gets a unique poem mailed to them on a particular day of the month. If you are at the beginning of the month, you have likely already received your second postcard. If you haven't gotten yours yet, keep an eye on the mailbox: it's coming! 

I plan to extend this project before its current end date of July 31, though I am not entirely sure how the extension will manifest. It will certainly involve more poetry and more Lake-centric imagery, possibly even with a call for some of your own submissions. Be sure to stay on the email list for information on all that is to come, and if you are interested in submitting some words or images of your own, send me an email! 

Thank you again for your support of this little endeavor. It is such a beautiful thing to know that there are fellow Lake-lovers all over the world who are connecting with the words I am writing on this shore. 

LTLMMae StierComment